Saturday, March 17, 2012

"We Are Rid of Lee"

Monday, March 17, 1862 Garden's Corner

Flynn, Shehane and Duncan are drunk. They have staggered and stumbled into our picket post where Castles, Holton, Crenshaw and myself were posted. They carried on so that a deaf Yankee would have known exactly where we were. They brought no libations with them and I suppose they had consumed all that they had. Crenshaw was quite disappointed with them. They were too drunk to tell us how or where they came by this liquid refreshment which has been so rare here of late. They seemed quite happy about something but were too drunk to speak clearly. They started to sing but when Duncan fell over into the mud, they gave it up.

I had started this diary in order to have a clear recollection of this war once it is ever over. When I reach my declining years, I may find some comfort in reading this account of my service to my country during our struggle for independence.

To this end, there are some things that perhaps bear mentioning as I am certain that I will not recall them. For some reason known only to those who have been appointed over us, our state has been portioned into military districts. I suppose all the Confederacy is so divided.

South Carolina is divided into six military districts. We in the 12th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment are in the Fourth District along with some other South Carolina regiments. General Gregg has taken over command from General Pemberton of the district and all the forces therein. General Donelson used to be very near here but he now commands the Fifth District. I suppose his brigade of Tennesseans, the 8th and 16th regiments, went with him as I have not seen them for a time.

All of these districts are part of the bigger Department of South Carolina and Georgia, headquartered in Pocotaligo. It had been commanded by that man Lee but no more. We are rid of Lee. The President has recalled him to Richmond and replaced him with General Pemberton. Perhaps now we will put down the spade and pick up the musket.

Monday, March 12, 2012

"...Nashville Has Gone Up"

Wednesday,  March 12, 1862,  Gardens Corner

We had all thought that with the loss of Forts Henry and Donelson, Nashville could not be held against the Yankees. Sure enough, Nashville has gone up. We understand that what supplies could not be saved by wagon or rail were put to the torch. East, west and middle Tennessee are in enemy hands. The Tennesseans here in Donelson's brigade are mighty mad that the defense of their state has failed. They want to go home right away to take their state back. The Confederacy is in such poor straits how can we possibly be victorious?

If it weren't for the presence of our own Yankees nearby, we would all gladly abandon this wretched swampland for the high hills of Tennessee. Nothing much has changed here since the last entry. We pull a good deal of picket duty but not so much that we are in danger of losing our profeciancy with the spade. We dig, we drill, we stand guard. There hasn't been much in the way of activity on the part of the Yankees, at least not near here. We sometimes hear gunfire in the distance but we have no clue as to its cause.

There are few deer in the woods and I haven't seen a wild hog since I don't know when. If I saw one of either it would not be long before it would be in the pot. As the weather continues to warm,  perhaps some fresh greens will become available. Even hard crackers would look good.